3-D metal printing at KIEFER

    Innovative tooling technologies



    FORMX, FORM2X, FORMLX und FORMT2X- new at kiefer!

    This innovative plug assists material convinces with excellent properties.


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  • individual requests perfectly solved

    from the very first idea to the final tool, Teams of specialists work Hand in Hand. this way innovative and individual Solutions are found.


our business units



Perfect molds for  best quality

Thermoforming basic tools as well as special order-form tool sets for nearly all common thermoforming machines.

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blow Molding

FOR PET-packaging

Stretch blow molds - blow molds for the manufacture of packaging for the beverage industry, household chemistry and cosmetics.

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Injection Molding

prototypes/Standard Tools/Special inserts

Advanced manufacturing technologies, craftmanship and years of experience in the field of plastic processing lead to innovative, efficient solutions.

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    Individual requests perfectly solved

    In a partnership, we bring our know-how into the customer's tasks and assignments. Using the latest CAD/CAM systems, plastics processing tools are developed and manufactured using the latest machining center.


    Modern production methods

    The origin and thus heart of the company is tool making. The latest machining centers for the production of high quality tools are available here.