Innovative products made with KIEFER molds!

New product design with innovative mold technology from KIEFER!
SKEW-new marketing ideas and products are realizable in thermofroming now.

*parting line 45° at 80-90mm article height
*possible in different forms (round, angular, oval)
*good visability and appetizing presentation
*optimal shelf presence, good handling and easy rack removal
*pending to patent





Screw Head - NOW possible in thermoforming!

With new mold-stamping thermoforming tool with extreme side pushers
you can now realize screws in your containers.
The film can be made with barrier layer (EVOH), and so there are many
applications in the field of chemistry, cosmetics and food.





Steel rule die nickless/Patented breakpoint in the strip steel cutting line

 Enables thermoformed parts without annoying tear-off spikes 
 Ideal for packaging with risk of injury (eg food for children, ice packs, etc.)
 For highly sensitive packaging in the medical field

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